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Has Osteoarthritis Met Its Match in David Shuey?

Osteoarthritis (OA), additionally known as degenerative joint sickness, is a persistent circumstance which involves the destruction of joint cartilage, resulting in stiffness, ache and restricted or lack of motion in the affected joint(s). Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal canal that can be caused by one's osteoarthritis; it has signs and symptoms consisting of numbness and ache in the neck, returned, buttocks, thighs or calves that may be worsened by using bodily sports, including walking and exercise. It isn't unusual for humans with OA and/or spinal stenosis to limit their bodily activity in hopes of lowering the pain with which they should deal. West Chester, Pennsylvania's David Shuey took a distinct tack; he determined to take osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis for a bicycle ride across the U.S. This summer season. Here's some of his inspiring tale.

When David's mother turned into about to show 60, her OA and spinal stenosis took a surprising flip for the more serious. The result become a hip alternative, six spinal fusion tactics, and spending the closing 15 years of her existence in a wheelchair in a nursing home (the closing  years bedridden) and of course suffering a great deal debilitating ache. Upon receiving the diagnosis in his early fifties that he had the same  ailments, David resolved to do what he may want to to now not suffer and become like his mom. Recognizing that his mother's being overweight and sedentary had significantly annoyed her condition, he determined to stay energetic and preserve his weight in test. One of his approaches to preserve moving was to come to be an avid cyclist.

As his 60th birthday approached, David determined he could honor his mom, increase recognition and finances for the combat in opposition to arthritis, and have the adventure of a lifetime by cycling throughout the U.S. His properly-thought-out plan changed into to start his epic journey in Seattle, Washington on June 5, 2009, and averaging about 60 miles a day, attain Cape May, New Jersey on August 9th -- his 60th birthday.

Having traveled through 14 states and the District of Columbia, climbed over the Rockies, continued limitless storms, and shared the street with many motor vehicles (and their drivers) that failed to appear too eager on sharing the road with a biker, David arrived in Cape May right on schedule. There to greet him and help him celebrate his birthday and a hit coast-to-coast trek changed into a host of own family and pals. One of his goals were to elevate $50,000 for the Arthritis Foundation and for studies to find a cure for OA; he raised $sixty five,000 and counting.

David, in spite of his osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis, which require him to take anti inflammatory medicine twice an afternoon to make the pain attainable, was able to peddle his motorcycle 3,606 miles to achieve his lofty purpose. He averaged near his planned 60 miles in keeping with day on his sixty four-day adventure, made many new buddies, saw the country up close and private, and got his message out: "I may additionally have arthritis. But arthritis does not have me!" -- and, arthritis can't stop you in case you maintain transferring.

To see sizeable photographs of his adventure and read David's each day weblog entries and to donate to the purpose if you'd like, you may go to: network.Arthritis.Org/David9/weblog

Remember, whether you've got (a) doubtlessly-debilitating circumstance(s) including David deals with on a every day foundation or one that has you stymied like his mother's state of affairs, check along with your doctor or different scientific expert to peer if physical interest might assist you, too. Who is aware of, muscular motion would possibly simply be what the medical doctor ordered (orders).

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